Live from Shenzhen, a Culture City (?)

Shenzhen has received a bad rap, somewhat desveredly, as a city without culture. It lacks the arts scene that exists in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and despite its close location to Hong Kong, its music scene is probably weaker than an armpit city like Jinan, which, despite its crapiness, its proximity to Beijing makes it easy for bands (which are usually based in Beijing) to make a trip jaunt south for a show.

Well, this weekend, my friends, Shenzhen became a happening city for culture...The famous rock band, Tang Dynasty, was in town for a show at Base Bar in Nanshan on Friday night. Further, there was a Peking Opera performance at the Grand Opera House on Friday and Saturday. To top it all off, famed writer Su Tong gave a lecture at the Shenzhen Library on Saturday. A pretty good weekend of activities, and more should be expected considering this week is some kind of "Arts Festival," at least according to the signs around DaJuYuan...And of course, Shenzhen always has an offering for those who aren't into "culture," the World is holding its Beer Fest, though there are conflicting reports on whether that ends today or runs through the week. Either way, it almost makes me consider making the trip out that way and going to the World (god forbid!)...

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