Valentine's Day Shanghai Style

I was in Shanghai during Valentine's Day and while the "Hallmark holiday" is about pampering the one you love, don't we all love ourselves the most and want to pamper numero uno more than anything?

With that in mind, I slept in, headed to Coconut Paradise for a wonderful, leisurely Thai lunch and then headed for a 2 hour full body massage at the uber-relaxing and renovated Green Massage Xintiandi. After the massage, I scoped out a new branch of Enoteca nearby and relaxed with a book and a glass of red wine. Already nearing early evening, it was time to head home and get ready for the main event, dinner at Jade on 36. A glass (or two) of champagne in Jade bar was the piece de resistance on an excellent, relaxed day.

While there are always those who complain about bad "China days", this was an example of a great China day. You could have an equally nice day in many of the world's big cities, but the number of cities where you can experience so many different things and not have your wallet take an insanely large hit (dinner at Jade is expensive, but considering the ingredients, its probably less than you'd pay in Chicago/NY/Paris/London). I'm starting to get used to the Shanghai lifestyle...

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