An Exciting Discovery

I'm usually a very calm person, but today a new discovery got my pretty excited. The complex facing the north gate of Ritan Park seems up and running with a ton of new restaurant choices. The choices include a branch of the Elephant Restaurant, a Russian spot, and an HK hotpot restaurant have all opened, but what made me the most excited was (what looked to be a very flashy) outpost of Jin Ding Xuan has opened in the complex. The chain has a number of locations in Beijing, with the most famous among most late night diners being the one just north of Yonghegong and next to Tango, but this location will definitely be very popular, very quickly.

Jin Ding Xuan is famous for offering solid dim sum available 24 hours a day. In particular, they have a number of deals, including discounts on many of their best dim sum in the early morning, in late afternoon, and late evening (going into the early hours of the morning). Nothing is better for you after a late night of clubbing and drinking than a good bowl of zhou along with some dim sum.

Surprisingly, City Weekend just did a feature on late night dining and mentioned a number of weak choices (All-Star? Bellagio?) and didn't include any mention of Jin Ding Xuan. While nothing beats a few yangrou chuanr and a nang or two at a local spot sometimes, especially in winter, you need a bit more in a warmer and better lit environment. Jin Ding Xuan provides all that in spades and has great food to soak up the alcohol. The huge Yonghegong branch is an institution, well known to many of the city's clubbers/bar goers. This new branch, a short taxi ride from Gongti/Sanlitun and within walking distance of Partyworld is sure to become an instant favorite.

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