Random Thoughts on Beijing Scene in 2009

Here are a few random thoughts I've been pondering over the past few days as we enter 2009, it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out:
  • Will the new higher end bars/clubs/restaurants that opened in the run up to the Olympics (or worse, after) be able to survive long enough to see their 1 year anniversary?
  • Will there finally be a good English blog written about the Chinese art scene? There are enough foreigners involved in it, but nobody is blogging from an insider's point of view.
  • Will Red Cliff be a total dud overseas (as I suspect)? Will the 2nd part match the first in its success in China?
  • Will this be the year Chinese soccer finally pulls itself out of the malaise? With no international competition for the national team its going to be hard, but perhaps a run in the newly expanded Asian Champions League by a Chinese club side will make the difference.
  • Will Beijing Guoan finally move back to Worker's Stadium this year?
  • Will the Bird's Nest actually be used for something? What will be the first big event in the Bird's Nest this year?
  • Who will be the first major foreign band/singer to rock Beijing this year?
  • With the economy in the tank and all the new openings, will we see far fewer new restaurants and bars this year?
  • Will Crobar Beijing ever open? (Or at least update its webpage, which still has it as coming soon)
  • Will China finally take the step and promote tourism outside the country to avoid taking major hit in tourism due to economy?
  • If it does take a hit, how will all the new 5 star hotels in Beijing be able to survive?
  • Will Liu Xiang be able to come back?
  • What will be the new food craze in Beijing? Will organic finally garner wider acceptance?
  • What kind of limitations/security will take place for 60th anniversary of the People's Republic and will the new policies have any effect on the nightlife scene?

Alright, there are some of the "big" ideas we've been discussing the past few weeks. The economy plays a major role in a lot of them and so it could go either way. We aren't going to make any wild predictions, but will try to provide the answers as we find them out over the course of the year.


Dan said...

Great questions, particularly #2.

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