Mao Claus and the Commie Carol

I know the plan was to keep this blog focused on food and style, but sometimes I just can't help it. Is it just me or is China getting into the Christmas spirit in a unique way? I don't know about any other subway stations, but I've walked through the Guomao station (the Line 2 portion) a few times lately and heard muzak that sounded a lot like Christmas carols (lots of strings and horns, what sounds like 4 year olds singing, etc) except when I get closer and take a good listen, it turns out they are renditions of such classics as “Song for a Hero" (英雄赞歌) or "I Love You, Motherland" (我爱你,祖国).

There's nothing wrong with this except that its sudden appearance during the "holiday" season is really messing with my mind...


Dan said...

Nice to see you are back!

b. cheng said...

Thanks for your encouragement while I was away and I hope I'll continue to have your support in these "early" days for the blog.