Super Bowl, Part 1

Okay, so this blog's about food and fashion and I haven't written lately, plus I have a sports blog, but my first post back is about the Super Bowl? What?!? Hey, the Super Bowl is like a national holiday in the US and here, its a great reason to take a day off and drink on a Monday morning. Plus, I'm going somewhere with this, so bare with me for a day or two.

While the teams on the field couldn't be similar, two high powered offenses that play a fast, high flying form of football and limited defense, the two cities where they hail from couldn't be more different. New Orleans has given the world a cuisine and a music, as well as unique culture and Mardi Gras. Indianapolis has given the world, ummm...stuff? Let's try to put this in Chinese terms. It would be like if Chengdu, with its cute pandas, beautiful women, spicy food, and Li Yuchun (well, okay, they need help with the music) took on Taiyuan, which has umm...erm...well...stuff?

I guess you know who I'm cheering for, despite their quarterback who played college ball at a hated school that wears black and gold as well. With the spread of New Orleans food in Beijing (as well as "New Orleans" food in the case of KFC's New Orleans chicken wings), there will be a way to bring this all together.

And for fans of either side looking for some cheap last minute gear, taobao is great (and if you're in Beijing or Shanghai, if you order today, you'll probably get it tomorrow). Colts fans can go here, while Saints fans should head here (I'm partial to the old school Archie Manning jersey). Ahh, the magic of taobao.