Live from Shenzhen: There is a Season...

Fall seems to have arrived in Shenzhen and it is beautiful. The rain has stopped, or at least diminished, and while it is not exactly cool, the weather can no longer be described as hot and is actually livable. While this has meant road construction until all hours of the night in my part of the city, it has also meant I haven't turned on the air conditioning in a week and instead enjoy the natural breeze which on some nights can even leave a bit of a chill.

Beyond all that, the (minimal) drop in temperature that signals fall has been a bit unnoticeable to me. As someone who spent most of his life in the US (and as a student), it is still sort of strange to not be headed off to school (though I did have to say goodbye to the office interns who are heading back to Beida, all my good luck wishes to them during the year and hope they will come back to our firm when they're done). Most of all though, fall means football and, more specifically college football. I'm not a huge NFL fan (or even a football fan in general), but the spirit and pageantry of college football is always great to veg out to on a Saturday afternoon. While my alma mater, IU, has a perennially crappy team, its fun to watch whatever big time Big 10 game is on and also cheer for family favorite, USC. Plus, the start of football season means it's a bit closer to the start of the hockey season.

I always say that when I'm in the US, I constantly miss China, but when in China I only occasionally miss life in the US. Being in China now and not able to watch football, a part of me feels like the seasons aren't really changing. Chalk this up to one time when I do miss the US...

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