Can't Catch a Break

So a reporter is in Beijing and gets his article filed in the New York Times. No, for once he isn't complaining about the pollution, in fact he gives the capital some credit for cleaning things up, but instead he's complaining about a sandstorm.

Blah blah blah, Beijing’s polluted, Beijing has sandstorms, what the hell is this crap? Yes, one or two days last week were really bad, but this is far from a daily thing here and beyond that, its only a spring phenomenon, but why not pile on? The article would make you think dust is going to be a problem during the Opening Ceremonies. Ah, I love how this works, can't wait until we get to July and August and see what first time visitors are writing...

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Adam said...

That's what I keep telling people: if you think the foreign press coverage of China is negative now, just WAIT until the first time reporters from local outlets (Minneapolis StarTribune, Des Moines Register, etc etc etc) show up with dreams of winning a Pulitzer on the basis of uncovering the hidden "truth" about China. Gonna make folks wish for the good old days of NYT sandstorm stories.