Tianjin Deja Vu

I don't have much to say about China's match against Iraq in Tianjin on Saturday. They did better then against Qatar, as they were able to get on the board first after a questionable free kick decision that Zhou Haibin hammered into the back of the net in the 33rd minute. However, Iraq quickly countered with a goal in the 41st minute where two Chinese defenders were caught ball watching and ignoring their men.

At that point I realized there was no chance in hell that China was going to win the match, I felt very happy I'd given up my tickets to the match. I turned on Kungfu Panda and was entertained for the first time that evening.

3 points in 5 games, 2 goals in that time, what a total disaster. This double headed coaching system needs to end, though one figures Djukovic will be kept on through the Beijing Olympics. There is a lot systematically wrong with the CFA, but those things don't seem like they'll be changed anytime soon. Is there any hope left for Chinese soccer? With all the attention that's been focused on NBA stars Yao and Yi and kids already defecting from love of soccer to love of basketball, things need to change soon or 2011's Asian Cup and then the 2014 World Cup won't look any better.

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