Never Forget 9/18...

Since we started to blog, on blogspot, on sina, or before that on wordpress, there are a few annual posts that are included every year and while this year circumstances prevented it from going up on the right day, it isn't because we forgot. The invasion of China and the brutality of the Japanese is something that is often overlooked overseas. Even with the release of movies like "Nanjing", it is still not an issue that gets enough play and too often foreigners don't understand why Chinese are so sensitive when it comes to issues of Japan, yet there are large swaths of the Japanese population that deny (or don't even know) the atrocities their nation committed during World War II. What makes it worse is that this policy is often one that has the support of the government. We must never forget the Holocaust, we must also never forget the slaughter that Japan perpetrated on China, that all began on 9/18/1931.

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Forgive. Never Forget. RIP