Waking Up From a Hangover

From July 13, 2001 until August 8, 2008, the entire focus of the Chinese was on one singular event, the Olympics. With the close of those Games, and then the Paralympics, Beijing seems lost. Its a little like the college student who graduates with a degree in English. A lot of work went into getting the degree, then the final preparations, the partying, the graduation ceremony, more parties, and now....He's left with his degree and his hangover facing the rest of his life. Beijing feels the same way right now. The mission has been accomplished, but nobody knows what comes next. As the city eases into fall, by far the most beautiful season, the cutting chill of the early morning breeze suddenly wakes you up, but you have nowhere to go.

The World Expo in Shanghai in 2010 is being pushed as a big event, but it pails in comparison to the Olympics. China is certain to go after the 2018 World Cup, but that's still 10 years away. With a chill in the air will the fall bring with it a depression that there's nothing to look forward to or will it be a relieved sense of joy that Beijing is now the host of the previous Olympic Games, a Games that was, overall, incredibly successful.

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