(Fake) Day 1 of the Beijing Olympics

The Olympics unofficially kicked off yesterday with women's soccer around China. The Chinese squad looked pretty good in Shenyang yesterday. An early first half goal was matched by a Swedish response, but great teamwork between Xu Yuan and Han Duan led to Han putting away a goal late in the 2nd half to give China the 2-1 victory. In the other game from Shenyang, Canada beat Argentina 2-1.

The US was in action yesterday, but were defeated 2-0 by a strong Norwegian squad. North Korea cruised to a 1-0 win against Nigeria and there were two draws, between Germany-Brazil (0-0) and Japan-New Zealand (2-2).

Men's soccer gets started today, some of the more enticing matches are the US vs. Japan and Argentina vs. Ivory Coast.

A few very boring special Olympic jerseys on a number of the squads, most surprisingly was China's very plain, all-white kits.


Anonymous said...

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Mberenis said...

You can still get tickets at 2008 Beijing Olympics

savante said...

Kewl blog, man :) LIke the lei feng reference!