Blogging (or Not) the Olympics

The consortium that is "A Modern Lei Feng" has come together and been discussing how to treat the Olympics. The world's largest sporting event is in our backyard, the spiritual home of this blog, what should we do?

We have contributors in Beijing, around China, and in many past (and future) Olympic cities, including Tokyo, London, Atlanta, and Chicago (fingers crossed for 2016!). However, we've decided that no matter what, constant live-blogging from all these locales won't make much difference. We know our readership isn't very large and if it hasn't gotten big before the Games, it's not going to change during them. Plus, there are so many reporters who have much better access than us. Beyond that, for our contributors in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenyang, the Olympics should be about enjoying the spirit and excitement of the times, this once in a lifetime experience, instead of rushing to a computer to constantly write down their thoughts.

Therefore, for the next few weeks, we'll bring you regular content if/when there's a big story and perhaps offer some daily Olympic updates, but there will be no over the top or special coverage. Enjoy the blog and enjoy these Olympics!

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