Olympics Style: China's Nike Designs Up Close

As was previously discussed here, despite Adidas officially sponsoring China (and the Olympics), Nike will be outfitting over 20 different Chinese Olympic teams during the Games, including many of China's biggest stars. Originally when I saw the US and Chinese basketball jerseys, I thought it was boring that they used the same pattern on the back and guessed that all Nike teams would be using it. However, now it is apparent that the patterns are very different and have cultural specific references on them. These patterns will be part of a number of the Nike uniforms. Here are the pictures below:


Track and Field:


Here is a "close up" of the Chinese pattern on the women's basketball jersey:

I also saw these and loved the idea of them, Nike's venturing into horseback riding, supplying Chinese riders with their riding boots:
The flag plays a central role on many of the uniforms, but strangely enough, none of the Nike gear in stores carries the flag. Still no explanation of why this is yet...

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