That Toddling Town

Quick, pop quiz.
If I told you about a place where:
-the previous head of the government is currently in prison for racketeering and fraud

-there are protests in the main city's factories

-the government in the main city is regularly viewed as being hopelessly corrupt, its currently struggling in these difficult economic times, laying off workers and cutting back on city services

-the current head of the government is on his way to jail for corruption

-just yesterday a city sanitation employee who has worked for the city for 15 years (and been arrested 15 times previously) and who was bringing in $80,000 a year, was arrested again

Let me help you, the star NBA player recently was cut and required 10 stitches after "peeling an apple in bed".

Is anyone surprised that I'm talking about a state in the US? What the hell is wrong with Chicago (and Illinois)???

One wonders how long Blagojevich's arrest was planned and if it was delayed until after the election? One wonders what impact this will have on Chicago's Olympic bid. Further, the ultimate question is who is Senator Number 5?


Dan said...

Is it you?

b. cheng said...

I was considering bribing Blago, but those damn Senate age limits...Then again, I could always get a fake birth certificate printed in China (or if you believe the crazies, Hawaii), right?

Though the smart money thinks its Jr., my guess is its Gutierrez, seems like he's the more old school Chicago pol.