Khan of Self Promotion

The first post of the "new era" was a PSA about a mall sale, how boring, I couldn't let that stand for long. You know, I'd like to fashion myself as a "man about town" when it comes to Beijing life enjoying the "good life", nice clothes, good food, and, of course, good wine. I get my wine through Torres' home delivery and if I'm going out to drink a bottle, its typically Enoteca or Big 9, due to their east side location.

Perhaps its because I rarely venture outside of my Chaoyang base, but I'd never realized a new wine shop/bar opened up at Nanluoguxiang until I read the New York Times a few weeks back. That's right, I learned about a new spot in my own city from a US paper. Anyways, it seemed one of the owners of a wine bar named Cambulac, located at Nanluoguxiang, wrote in to the New York Times, started exchanging emails with one of their food writers, and got himself a mention in an article that showed off his wine pairing knowledge.

I've yet to go to Cambulac, it barely gets any mention on most of the usual suspect expat sites, but I must say, after reading the article in the Times, I'm intrigued. Has anyone been? I have't been to Nanluoguxiang in awhile, is it time for a field trip?


Kian said...
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Kian said...

I read the same article on the NYT. I am also very curious about Gary Price and his wine pairing knowledge.

Here at Red Cook we've attempted to pair wine with Chinese food as well...

I'm not a wine expert but do believe that wine can compliment the enjoyment of Chinese food.

b. cheng said...

Kian, I'm a big fan of your blog, its great knowing that you're a reader of mine, keep up the good work and hope you continue to check in here.