Girl Power

There has been no mp3 post in awhile, so I was going to make this one about the excellent girl's rock band, Hang on the Box. However, like a lot of "underground" (if you want to call it that) rock music in China, the web doesn't exactly have a ton of their songs and I felt too lazy to upload them to a server. Hehe, it would also allow me to include their great opus, "For Some Stupid Cunt on a BBS," but at this point I can honestly say I'm no longer bitter, isn't it amazing??? Me? Not bitter? What is going on with the world?

So then what is the exact opposite of these punk girls: Hang on the Box
these pop tarts: S.H.E.
So here's the music:

S.H.E. - Superstar

This is one of the few Chinese songs that I listen to and it kind of gets me pumped up, the sort of thing I'll play before a game. Makes me want to play and be someone's superstar. It is the one song of S.H.E.'s that I actually really like.

S.H.E. - 我爱你 : S.H.E. - I Love You

This is a decent song and it has a similar feeling as Superstar, kind of gives the feeling it isn't written by someone who is heavily influence by the traditional pop music of the Chinese market (I know Superstar was written by a German producer, not sure about this song, but it wouldn't surprise me).

S.H.E. - 他还是不懂 : S.H.E. - He Still Doesn't Understand
This has the maddening trend in Taiwanese songs of starting out with a Japanese (Korean?) speaking voice at the very start. This is a decent, typical Chinese pop song.

S.H.E. - 不想长大 : S.H.E. - Don't Want To Grow Up
This is the nightmare that occurs when pop music goes wrong, a disaster....


Anonymous said...

who the fuck are you?

robtbs said...

a little aggressive comment hahah,

anyway, i dint know about that "punk" band in china?

or they are not?

alot of "punkers" and "metals" seem to have a wrong idea about foreigners , thought is kinda ironic since punk comes from Europe/USA, remarking The Ramones and Sex pistols