Where in the World Is A Modern Lei Feng?

A wise blogger once said there are two things a blogger should never post about, whenever he updates his blog and excuses for why he hasn't been blogging. I'm going to break that rule here though...I'm now half way around the world, leaving the comforts of my US home and in the middle of the daily grind to return to the motherland, though I'm far away from what I know, stuck in Shenzhen. From this new vantage point, I will be able to offer plenty of insight and an examination of a new city, as I discover Shenzhen, perhaps my readers, who at this point can probably be counted on 1 hand, will discover it with me. Unfortunately, at the present time, Topway still hasn't deemed it necessary to follow through and actually come and hook up my internet, so things will be infrequent and I'll be coming to you live from the nearest Starbucks, hopefully this will be rectified soon and I'll be back to more regular entries. Thank you to all who've stayed patient and I hope you'll continue checking back despite the total lack of new content in recent weeks, thanks!!!

-Modern Lei Feng


ghostnotediana said...

polarr says hi =) i'm baby sitting

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Anonymous said...

hehe.. love the feeling of being called LeiFeng? yeah, it's another view to see the world (particularly china) through your retina. happy that you are back to your blog, more interesting reading in the future.. well, hope your internet will be up soon. add oil!