Sunday Photo Thread: Little Brother to the North Edition

Finally getting around to posting some photos from Toronto. Since I wasn't able to post yesterday, today's will be a "double feature," with lots of pics. Reflections from time spent up north are still in the works.

Toronto Dominion CentreToronto Dominion Centre
I was really surprised by this because it looks exactly like Chicago's Federal Plaza crammed together a bit more (I wanted to post a picture of Chicago, but for some reason it kept coming up on its side). Even the font on the signs are identical. Both are designs by Mies van der Rohe and are based on his design for the Seagram Building in NYC.

unbelievable mealI spent the entire week in Toronto eating Chinese food (I'm not complaining, everything was wonderful), but this meal truly stood out and I'd take it over a dinner at Susur any day of the week!

maple leaf gardensMaple Leaf Gardens
This temple to hockey's glorious past is still standing, though has been empty for many years, awaiting a new fate...

Eaton CentreDundas Square
I read in one guidebook that this is Toronto's version of Time Square or Piccadilly Circus. Eaton Centre is to the right and is HUGE and while this is a nice open space, it can hardly compete with those two "competitors."

BCE PlaceBCE Place
An office building, food court, and home of the Hockey Hall of Fame. This atrium is architectually very interesting.

Sitting on the rocks looking outCouple
While the weather was iffy for much of the trip, Sunday was absolutely beautiful and a good time was had walking around Scarborough Bluffs.

the bluffsanother shot at the Bluffs, I have been promised that next time I com, it will be just in season to see the leafs changing colors and the classic Canadian red maple leafs, I look forward to it!


N said...

lots vivid memories... guarantee more fun next time.

b. cheng said...

haha, even more fun? Is that possible? What about more great meals while you're at it? It was an amazing time and I really can't wait for the next time I'll be in Toronto.

Caroline Hsu said...

One of my good net friends is a Tontornto person.He tells me that the leaf is really beautiful there in fall.I am also looking forward to go there to travel.