It's All a Matter of Perspective

I've been blogging fairly frequently and the focus has been on Tibet, though hopefully things will go back to normal in a day or two.

The Times has been a great source for articles on the Tibet situation as they have the only reporter actually on the ground, an article today really caught my eye. It seems that some Tibetans don't feel the Lalai Dama has taken a hard enough line and should propose boycotting the Olympics.

Here I am complaining that he's gone too far and yet there are others out there (the Times calls them radicals, I'm not sure how big their numbers are) who don't think he's done anything.

Once again, my friends, when it comes to this issue, there's no black or white.

Okay, so it seems that perhaps I jumped to conclusions about the good ol' Lalai as he has stated that he would resign (not like he really could, but it shows how far he would go), if the violence continues. Also, a great article from Peking Duck on why Lalai might be more innocent than the Chinese want to say publicly. Seeing what happened in and around Tibet and the response from exiles (and others) around the world, it really seems obvious that the greatest partner the Chinese could have in reaching a solution is the Lalai Dama, the exile population is just too radical and even some in China are long past autonomy within the PRC framework, if something doesn't get done during the DL's lifetime, there will be blood.

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