Time for Another Beatdown

You know, I've told myself its time to stop playing and get back on my game, I got the message from China Law Blog already. So its great when I got called out, again, by China Lawyer Blog (no connection to Dan's fantastic blog).

So now I'm a loser, well, sorry, I never said I ran with the cool kids, hell, I'm on blogspot after all. That said, a loser, sir? I've read your blog and I know that this is what you do because it seems you have nothing better to do, which is probably why Zhong Lun shit canned your ass.

I'm not saying I know the facts on the situation in Tibet right now and I know equally well that Mr. Brauer has no clue whats going on. In almost every account, they are quoting around a dozen deaths, but their source is Xinhua and (in a bit of bias) they fail to mention who was killed, according to Xinhua it was onlookers who got caught up in the stampedes. Of course Tibetan exile groups are claiming many more, but why are they to be trusted any more than the Chinese government, they obviously want to garner international sympathy. Look at the mayhem this has caused on the streets of Australia and India where police are also "brutally" quelling protests that have gone too far.

So far, having read almost every piece of news I could find on the story, (which basically is just different versions of the NY Times, AP, and Xinhua stories), it appears the Chinese government acted quickly and with a more restrained approach than during previous incidents in Tibet. Perhaps we are starting at 2 different points, I think Tibet is and will always be a part of China, maybe Mr. Brauer disagrees, but you wouldn't know it from his post. I like having discussions with people, that's why I blog, if you think my opinion is wrong, explain to me why. And while my tone toward the DL may have been a bit harsh, does anyone truly believe that he has no power to stop these protests? At the very least, his statements about "cultural genocide", harsh terms, could easily be viewed by some as incitement.

But see, that's an idea, it seems Mr. Brauer can't grasp ideas, he just resorts to name calling. So for you folks at home keeping score:

Modern Lei Feng, 2, China Lawyer Blog, 0.

"Well I guess I got my swagger back."

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