Step 1: Aim Gun At Foot, Step 2: Pull Trigger...

Why, why, why? Chinese government, Xinhua, why do you do this to me? I do my best to try and defend you logically against all comers and then you do something, some idiotic PR mistake, that is just shooting yourself in the foot and making things next to impossible for me.

So here we go, I come into the office and see the headline: International Community Supports China's Handling of Lhasa Riots. Okay, I'm interested, but I see its from Xinhua, oh well, I'll read it anyways, maybe some foreign leaders have started thinking logically about the situation in Tibet.

Great, leaders are coming to their senses, but who are they? The leaders (or foreign ministers) of Madagascar, Antigua and Barbuda, and Burundi top the list. Nope, that's not a list of major world powers or influence makers, unfortunately. Oh yes, most of all, China has the strong support of, sound the trumpets, the Sudan, read on:
A spokesman for the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that to maintain social
stability and safety, any country is obliged to respond when overseas forces
instigate domestic separatists to resort to violence.
Why? Why does Xinhua want to publish this tosh, especially in English? Don't they know that people who read this, even their supporters, are simply going to laugh at them? Don't they know what the world thinks about Sudan? Do they just not care?


Meg said...

Don't forget that the DPRK also agrees with China!

Wangbu said...

You are so honest in your posting Lei Feng. And brave too. I admire you for that. Your blog is also great.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis of the Xingjiang situation. I see you are looking at it from both sides. Jeff Brauer

lx said...

man,cann't you understand Xinhua's sense of humor?They 've entertained us for about 40 years,you should laugh heartly and say"thanks"

b. cheng said...

haha, yeah, DPRK should never be forgotten

Thanks, wow, I don't think my mom is even that nice about my blog!

yeah, they got some funny people walking the halls of Xinhua, unfortunately they don't understand that its pure humor...