Foie Pas No More

The Chicago city council recently overturned its ban on foie gras, to the cheers of all Chicago foodies. I was sure I talked about the ban somewhere, but now I'm struggling to find it. In any case, the ban is a thing of the past. The fears that Chicago restaurants would lose their spot as arguably the best in the country and that it would damage their business didn't really pan out and very few restaurants were actually fined under the ban.

The city, using faulty knowledge of the treatment of the ducks whose livers become foie gras, should have never banned foie gras to begin with and it really made Chicago a laughing stock for awhile. The city has so many problems, to be concerned about duck liver and to send health inspectors to restaurants to search for foie gras in the cleanest kitchens in the city instead of checking out rat-infested diners and other small establishments was embarrassing. It was a disgrace.

It's great that logic has returned to the city council.

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