Stuff Laowai Like 1 - ABC/CBC Girls

On the list of Stuff White People Like, Asian girls come in at number 11 and is a top post on that site. For us, we think this should be number 1 on the list of Stuff Laowai Like. But not just any Asian girls, laowai guys, especially those who haven't been in China long and don't speak much Chinese are specifically into American Born Chinese/Canadian Born Chinese/Australian Born Chinese girls.

Why is this the case? Having just gotten off the plane in Beijing or Shanghai, the laowai male (in this case typically between 20 and 30 years old) with limited Chinese skills wants to find himself a woman, but he isn't as shallow as the old laowai papas who just wants any young thing, the younger guys want someone who they can talk to, share with, and bitch about "another China day." With rare exceptions, the majority of native Chinese women they meet at a Sanlitun/Hengshan bar speak only limited English and have completely different cultural values and thoughts. Therefore, these guys focus on the ABC/CBC girls in the crowd: Chinese looks and perfect English, plus somebody who can serve as their translator/secretary, what more could you ask for?

Unfortunately, these relationships often fail because over time, as the laowai male gets more acclimated to China, he wants to "go native" (and thus be more "authentic" something we'll be covering a lot in the future) and/or his ABC/CBC girl gets sick of her "duties" and/or she ends up returning to the US/Canada.

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i remember once a guy who was trying it on with me, but directly after i said i was from sweden he wasnt interested anymore