Stuff Laowai Like: Introduction

Inspiration can come to you at any time, its strange like that. One day, sitting in a lovely courtyard waiting for a meal and starving, a statement was made when looking around at other tables, "why do laowai like Yunnan food so much?" It was at that point it hit me, a new feature could be created and after a teleconference with the other writers, it was.

Stuff Laowai Like is our own take on the very popular blog (with book coming soon), Stuff White People Like. During the next few weeks, months, and possibly years, we'll look at and analyze those things that laowai like about living in China.

Now, we know laowai are a diverse group consisting of North Americans and Europeans that speak a wide range of languages, have huge differences in age, salary, etc etc. This will focus on the Canadian and American laowai in China as this is where we can offer the most insight, though we'll try to infiltrate the French and German laowai society here (anybody who can help with that, we'd greatly appreciate it). While there is such diversity among laowai, its still easy to accurately generalize about a large number of laowai in China and that's what we'll be doing.

Yes, perhaps we're biting off more than we can chew with yet another feature starting up and one (and a half) writer down, but we press on. Most of all, we must once again fight as blogspot is blocked, but again, we press on. As always, any suggestions or opinions about this new feature, please leave a comment or email us at

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