On the Subway 2: Improvement or Nightmare?

Waiting for a train in a Line 1 or 2 subway station you get a phone call, your friend is looking to meet you, but you haven't decided where yet, the train comes and you get on, your friend is babbling about a trieste he/she had the night before and just about to get to the juicy details when...The train leaves the station, enters a tunnel, the line goes dead, and you curse loudly, drawing the ire of your fellow riders, who are squeezed against every possible part of your body.

The above scenario has happened to us all, probably countless times, right? Well, no more according to the Beijing government, as they are expanding cell coverage in the subway tunnels meaning that by June, there will be no more dropped calls on the subway.

Whether or not this is good news, it depends on your outlook on mobile phones, are they a gift or a curse? For those who think our world is already too connected, you have one more thing to complain about as you are attempting to enjoy the "peace" (yeah, right!) of a Beijing subway ride.

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