A Quick Look at Shopping Spots Around the Capital

With one less soldier on the ground (yes, a loyal contributor is now off to bigger and better things in Tokyo), we're a man down around here, but no problem, the slack can be picked up.

Speaking of picking things up, my mood was quickly picked up when I discovered a Beijing outpost of popular Shanghai wine bar/boutique Enoteca will be open soon at The Place. I imagine its going to be a very happening after work spot in the CBD. In other The Place related news, a Giordano Concepts will be opening by the end of the month there and, while there, its worth it to check out the Chinese brand Croquis, a brand based in Hangzhou that is a men's version of casual cool JNBY.

In other shopping news, Joy City's closer to capacity now that Zara has finally opened its doors. Tons of construction is going on at Xidan and the wrecking ball finally took out the many small stores facing joy city.

A walk through China Central Plaza mall saw a lot of "opening soon" signs and few customers (including a Muji). A large Brooks Brothers store is open now, but its still not known if BB's traditional "pinstripe lawyerly affectations" and "brash tweedy impertinence" will fit into this relatively empty area. Who is going to support this mall (more on this soon)? And how long do the apartment blocks squeezed between it and Xiandai Soho have before the wrecking ball comes calling?

Xinjiekou is in disarray as another large mall looks to be moving in next to the Xinhua Mall and many of the stores on the west side of the street are shut down, which could lead to major changes to the Chinese styles that are more commonly found in that area.

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