Olympic Ticket News Finally Released

Many in Beijing and around the country have been going to the Olympic ticketing website on a daily basis checking to see if Phase 3 tickets, which were supposed to go on sale in April, have been released yet. Well, on Wednesday, BOCOG finally held a press conference about Phase 3 ticket sales, stating that they will go on sale on May 5 at 9 am Beijing time.

Over 1 million tickets will go on sale during this round for many different sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball. Each account holder can purchase tickets for a maximum of 2 events (3 tickets per event). This round will be first come, first served.

During the press conference, BOCOG officials stated their confidence in the system and that there wouldn't be any problems like what went on during Phase 2 when the system crashed shortly after ticket sales began. They also denied the rumors that foreign students in Beijing are being encouraged (or forced) to leave Beijing as being completely baseless.

I'm sure by now everyone already knows about this as its 2 day old news, but if you don't know, now you know.

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