What's Hot in China?

Yesterday I mentioned the Conde Nast Hot List (which rates the top new spots in the world) would be out soon (or at least up on line), and today that promise is fulfilled. China does alright in restaurants, but not so well in nightspots. Beijing's version of Whampoa Club makes it on the list, as well as Shanghai's Franck, Pure, and Hamilton House (are they taking credit cards yet?), with Hong Kong's Zuma (also on the Best 50 list) rounding it out.

5 places is respectable, but its still down from last year's high of 9. One wonders if Beijing's current pre-Olympics preparation turmoil caused the city to take a hit as a number of new establishments are only just getting up and running while costs have caused many to delay plans for a year or so. Perhaps, that's why there is only 1 spot on the nightlife list, Vue Bar in Shanghai.

Yet if you're in to spas, China takes the cake with 7 of the hottest new spas in the world. Beijing's Chi Spa, Jing-Chen Spa, Quan Spa, and Serenity Spa make the list as well as Shanghai's outpost of Quan and the Yuan Spa. From outside the Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong stronghold is Guilin's Homa Espirit Spa, also making the list.

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