Note to All Readers

I hate doing posts like these because I feel its pretentious and nobody really cares, but here goes. Despite the weekend photo threads and mp3 posts going by the wayside (mostly due to the destruction of my Macbook, though they may start up again), I'd like to announce a new feature, regular posts about the Beijing dining scene and restaurant reviews.

I have found localnoodles to be severely lacking in the number of reviews and other than the expat rags, there seem to be very few people writing about this scene. I also regularly find the expat reviews to be disappointing, so I'm writing my own. The focus will be on more popular places and will be almost entirely contained to places inside the 3rd Ring Road, except when I go way outside it to post about Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other locales.

I hope readers will enjoy the new posts and feel free to offer comments or suggestions about places I should check out. As always, I can be reached at

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