Lying for God

I really respect Tim Johnson's writing and enjoyed his book, when I saw this entry on his blog about missionaries in China, I took notice. Despite my own religious leanings, I'm totally against a large portion of the missionary work that goes on in China. Often the work is done under false pretenses or just outright lying and is really disappointing. I've known a few people who've gone over as missionaries, and while some of them are really good, honest people who did positive work while there, the majority of them, quite simply, are none of those things.

As Johnson points out, these groups often target minority and/or Muslim or Buddhist communities. What some of these US Christians are doing, as foreigners in another country, is utterly despicable. Imagine the battles that would erupt if Christians started hanging around synagogues and mosques and, on a daily basis, as people were walking out of worship these Christians would approach them, tell them they are living in sin and try handing them Christian literature. How would people view that? How long until the first riots began? Yet for whatever reason, some Christians believe it is okay to behave like this in other countries, I just don't get it. This is exhibit A in why the world hates Americans.

In his entry, Johnson states, "what’s interesting is that some of these Christians use denial and deception about what they are doing, employing 'tradecraft' more commonly associated with spying."

Is it just me or would it seem denial and deception run counter to Christian "values"? There are ways of spreading God's word that don't include these tactics, unfortunately it seems these groups will continue to get bolder and bolder until the government deports one or two of the most egregious offenders.


N said...

for whatever reason, i couldn't access Johnson's blog, but i am really stunned by what you have said about missionary in china. i have this friend in china who once was approached by a missionary, instead of preaching God's loving kindness, this person tell my friend that if he doesn't believe in God he will go to hell, and being tortured in the fire lake. It's probably true, and it does say so in the bible. but the way of portraying Christianity leads people into the wrong direction, and left a very bad impression as well... just a quick thought

b. cheng said...

Okay, sorry about that, now you should be able to access the blog. As I said, there are good and bad people doing mission work in China. Unfortunately, too many tend to behave like in your friend's experience and focus on fear or negative things rather than the positive.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Bible tells us that Governments are God ordained to ensure that its people prosper in Spirit, Soul and body and that justice,equity and the right to be are inalieable rights of the people.The apostle Paul and Peter
clearly states that Christians are obligated to pray for Governments and those that are in authority in the land.To cooperate and be the hardest worker is the Christians emblem. We are not an"evil group" nor are we in opposition to the Government. We are for progress and prosperity for all in the land. Inspite of our set backs and roadblocks ,It is our fervent desire that GOd's love,His care, and His concern,His purpose, His plan,in and through his son Jesus be established in your hearts and mind. Followers of Christ are first of all peace loving and abundant in goodness ..........
love you