Saturday Photo Thread: Love is All Around Edition

Hefei city sceneHefei - November 2006

Pudong sceneFrom Waitan looking toward Pudong, Shanghai - November 2006

Wangfujing Street SceneWangfujing, Beijing - November 2006
I love taking pictures at Wangfujing. When I'm in Beijing I'm there on almost a daily basis and its the perfect place. There is so much going on there, people from all over the world, people from all over China, every kind of person you can imagine, people going through every emotion you can think of. Unfortunately, most of my better shots from there were lost in the "great computer crash of Aught Five" (thanks for that, Beijing Apple Store, no wonder you are now out of business (and hopefully all jobless!), bitter? who? me?). This is a great image (at least to me), all the people are just shadows, with the one couple right in the middle...

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