Modern Man, Modern Theater 21st Century Style

I have "come out" (if you want to say it like that) and admitted having a "man crush" on Xia Yu. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I'm your average red blooded American (Chinese) and that I am, most definitely, straight, but for whatever reason, in this day and age, these "crushes" are considered acceptable. Even GQ told me so!

Well, Xia's performing in a play at the (Modern?) Poly Plaza, called "Glamerous Encounters." He's costarring in this performance with the actress Gao Yuanyuan and it should be a very interesting show examining relationships in today's urban China. Like a lot of modern Chinese theater, this show is going to have an extremely short run, only going from April 5-15.

This topic also brings up the interesting question of the state of theater today. Unlike going to the movies, going to the theater is seen by most as a very cultural experience and a rare thing. However, in reality, things haven't always been this way, the theater was a place for culture, but it was also about entertainment in an era before tv and movies. So while the impression of the theater is about "getting culture," today it tends to go to the opposite extreme. It has become less about the show and more about celebrity actors and musicians. Much like what's going on in Hollywood, the theater seems bereft of any new ideas. There are those few shining, hidden gems, but for the most part, what's coming from Broadway and the West End is pure tosh.

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