Sunday Photo Thread: Live From T.O. Edition

more from Wangfujing, as parents wait for their kids after school...

Beida, Beijing - November 2006

Will be back from Toronto tomorrow and will actually have some photos (and reflections) on that city for you in the coming week. There are a lot of topics I want to touch on and will do my best to post, but I must plead for a bit more patience, blogging on the road is not easy and I still have 2 more trips in the next 2 weeks. That said, all the traveling should offer at least some interesting content when I get back to blogging...First things first, Tuesday is the 2nd Annual Blogging Against Disablism Day and I intend on taking part. Other things to look forward to? More on Chinese soccer, politeness in society, and getting back to mp3 posts...

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