Another Good Old Blog Wrap Up

Having spent so much time abroad, I understand that when it comes to certain things, especially understanding sarcasm, Chinese have a hard time with comedy. That said, I don't get what others, including Zhongnanhai, who I also recently praised, find funny about the f.u.c.k.u China line of tshirts some enterprising idiot came out with. The "designer" offered the excuse that the line stands for the "fascinating & urban collection: kiss you China." Yes, Chinglish for the Chinese, umm...except, I call bullshit. Further, I don't see how its meant as a "joke on China's rampant pirating of the fashion company's products." I have no idea who Phillip Plein is, nor have I heard of his "fashion company." Perhaps what was meant is China's pirating of the products of famous fashion companies, though one of those wouldn't be Mr. Plein's company. I don't agree that its "hurting the feelings of the Chinese people," but it is extremely insulting and not at all funny.

On another note, I have long though that Wang Zhizhi didn't get the respect that he deserved. In the Dazhi-Yao Ming sweepstakes, I was always for Dazhi and believed he would be an NBA star, boy was I wrong, though I still remember fondly watching him play Jordan and the Wizards and Dazhi "going off" for something like 8 points. In any case, I'm glad to see that somebody else at least thinks he should be back in the "Association" and getting some minutes.

Guangzhou Bang is an up-and-coming new blog that I've really enjoyed reading lately, I also find their speculation that the CCTV firings has something to do with the newly released Labor Contract Law very interesting, as the law is something I've spent a lot of time researching recently.

It's not a blog article, but Shenzhen Daily reports on the stories that have set the Chinese language blogosphere alight in the early part of 2007, I wonder if the early exit from the Asian Cup will make the year end wrap up.

Having just read the very interesting and insightful Yan Geling book "The Uninvited" and understanding a bit about the "money for your troubles" that goes to journalists, I found the comments of China Economic Review on a recent FT article about money and journalists in China a great read.

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