Live From Shenzhen: Foreigners Wanted, Apply at Your Local PSB Bureau

I like reading the Shenzhen Daily on a regular basis, it usually has good information on the goings on in the city and had some interesting and often times (unintended) humorous articles. This article on the local police looking for foreigners to work for them as "undercover shoppers" in Luohu Commercial Center really caught my eye.
The idea is that some sellers won't showcase the main counterfeit goods in their store, but will present a catalogue to foreign customers that includes all of the fake designer goods. It will be very interesting how this effects business there and how many fines or closings this will bring about. Will there be foreigners interested in doing it? Hell, a weekend strolling through the mall and getting paid isn't so bad, but then you have to deal with people pulling you every which way and offering you everything under the sun, maybe I should rethink trying for the job.

That said, I'd still love to see an all or nothing approach instead of this "we'll ignore it, but occasionally take action when the mood (or the campaign) calls for it" attitude that exists. The problem is that its such a big part of the economy and it employs so many people that it is impossible for the police to shut it down, but at the same time, if they don't appear like they're doing something, they'll be attacked by foreign companies and governments, so the middle road is all there is.

Oh yeah, and just to show how informative Shenzhen Daily is, the day after the article reporting the "foreign shoppers" there was this article about a new breakfeast place called "Ihope" that has a logo (and name) eerily similar to a famous US chain that also offers all-day breakfeast. Though whatever Ihope stands for, the P definitely isn't for pancakes, as it seems (at least according to the article) this breakfeast place doesn't serve them.

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