A New Month, 80th Anniversary of the PLA, and Time to Clean Out the

There is so much out there that its too hard to keep track of on a regular basis. I'll often come across an article or blog entry that I really like and save it, but never bother to deal with it, so here's my effort to clean out my links and write on a variety of topics.

I also want to send out a big thank you for everyone who supported me in the Chinalyst China Blog Awards. While I was able to get over 100 votes, it was never going to be easy going up against Sinocidal and its spawn, a late charge by two other blogs meant I finished 5th in the general blog category. Well, its only going to motivate me to make this blog bigger and better, next year we'll have an even stronger showing! Here we go:

Good News Bad News - China Hearsay
Its always interesting to hear a bit of gossip about another of China's firms, but the past few months have been full of drama, first with Zhong Lun and now a little bit of a look at Lehman, Lee & Xu. I wish the author good luck with DLA Piper in the future.

West of the Tracks - New York Times
Has anyone seen this documentary yet? Tie Xi is sort of famous all over China as the Chinese version of the west side of Chicago. It is also known for having produced a number of great soccer players, including Li Tie (at least I'm pretty sure about that). This is an area that has been depressed for a long time and has only gotten worse as Shenyang develops and the rich get richer. I really want to see this, but I know that its highly unlikely I'll come across it in China...

In China, Fame Comes Easier With a Foreign Face - Christian Science Monitor
God, why? One Dashan is enough, save your last shreds of dignity and run!

Oh Canada - Zhongnanhai
A man of my own heart, take whatever little annoyances and problems that come your way, but when they mess with the hockey equipment, its time to rise up!

30 Seconds With Patrick Kane - New York Time
Loves Friends, cried during Pursuit of Happyness, enjoys the music of Natalie Merchant????? This is the future of the Blackhawks? Damn, we're in trouble!

Fake Name Brand Goods Seized at Silk Street - China Daily

This was just before a raid on Luohu Commercial Center in Shenzhen, I just don't get it. The government knows these places are full of fakes, they arrest a soccer fan for the mere intent of booing and yet instead of just locking the doors and arresting everyone inside, they do these meaningless mini raids from time to time. Either close your damn eyes and just let it all go or shut it down, period.

The Smuggest $15 You'll Ever Spend - Slate
Slate at its best, and it involves law firm gossip, you know I'm all over that, a great read!

Religious Cleansing - World Magazine
I'm sorry, but good, get rid of them all!

A Couple Quick Thoughts - Lao Wai Wen Shen
& De Facto Colonialists - China Expat
Lao Wai is talking from a more youthful vantage point and I detect a bit of b-boy in him while Expat focuses more on economic issues, but at the end of the day, they are both saying the same things. This sort of behavior is why I tend to avoid expats...

Wal-Mart Plots Bid for Chinese Retail Giant - Telegraph
Can you imagine the power Wal-Mart would have if this goes through?

China's Chicago - Economist

Interesting, but I just don't see it...

China's Disposable Athletes - Time

An interesting read, while I think this is a problem with athletes all over the world who spent most, if not all, of their youth focused on the pursuit of athletic excellence (and nothing else), China's training methods and singular focus make the situation very bad.

Phew, we're done for now, all clean now!

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