The Greatest Show on TV, EVER!

I don't think its an exaggeration to say that HBO's "The Wire", is the greatest show on tv. It is by far the most realistic example of inner city life (and probably the most realistic show, in general) that has ever made it onto the small screen and for whatever reason (cough cough, racism, ahem) the show has never really found its proper audience. Too many black faces and no recongizable stars has meant its been reduced to the outer edges of HBO coverage. However, the show has found its niche amongst the high-minded as well as the lowerer classes that it portrays, though losing everyone in between. I've gone through seasons 1-3 a number of times and am currently doing it again, with the promise of season 4 (thank you Shanghai DVD sellers) waiting at the end.

But I digress, season 5 (the final season) is coming up and is said to be moving the focus to the media, as can be seen in the trailers that have been released. Of course, there's also the promise that McNulty's back on the bottle, which is bound to lead to some interesting escapades. To check out the trailers, go to youtube or hit up the excellent blog, Can't Stop Won't Stop (whose author is also behind hip hop's bible of the same name).

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Anonymous said...

It is a great show. I completely agree. But Deadwood was better.

The problem many people seem to have with the Wire is that it is so realistic as to be depressing. Deadwood was hyper-realistic and depressing, but since it was the 1800s it wasn't the same thing.