Welcome to Our Shitlist, Population: You!

In all the time since this blog was started, we've never had the need for a shit list, never got into scuffles with other blogs and were pretty peaceful overall, but now the time has come for the formation of one, and rocketing to the top of that list is one Hong Lao Wai ("Red Foreigner"). I didn't get involved when he started out singing revolutionary hits, nor did I really care about his "attempts" at Jay Chou (if you can really call them that), though when he starts blaring out about Lei Feng, wearing a silly/strange hat, he's committed a blasphemy that can't be overlooked. I, as much as the next guy, hate Dashan and think he's a total joke, but I must admit, his Chinese is damn good, even if he's just a big Canadian poof. As for Dashan's progenitor, though not very long, they were all just spinoffs whose Chinese were always worse and who did crazy stunts (a la working in a barber shop).

Hong Lao Wai is completely different. His "self taught" Chinese is barely passable and the kid's never been to China. If he's doing it for an offer of a free trip from CCTV or something like that, the kid's got a plan, but is it worth making a fool out of yourself? Do you really want to be that guy, Xiao Hong? Study Chinese, come to China, we'll take you off the list and we might even be able to have a drink together, but keep up what you're doing and you'll continually be one giant running joke, replacing even Dashan.

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