What's Next? Arguing for a Gender Neutral Olympics Logo?

This is truely absurd (hat tip to Beijing Olympics Blog)! BOCOG is, unsurprisingly, only looking for beautiful women in a certain age group to hand out medals at the Olympic Games. With all the talk about Chinese stewardesses lately, I don't know what Human Rights Watch was expecting to see at the medal stand, my local, neighborhood lao taitai? The jian bing seller around the corner? Get real! The best is this quote:
"Gender, age and appearance requirements arbitrarily exclude individuals
from jobs for which they are professionally qualified and constitute
discrimination," said the letter sent to the Committee by Executive Director
Asia Division Brad Adams.

Ahh, I see, it takes "professional qualifications" for distributing Olympics medals? Please! Perhaps HRW should be pushing for an employment law like the one that was in draft form previously, guaranteeing employment rights for women, the disabled, and minorities (I've seen it mentioned on a blog that the Labor Contract Law does this, though I defy you to show me where). HRW, you want to help people and promote human rights, read this post, until then, shut up!

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