No Name = Great Deals

As talked about here, Muji has arrived in New York, in time for the Christmas rush. The brand is quickly winning over New Yorkers in much the same way it won over Parisians or Londoners, with simple, hip products that fulfill your every need for a really good price. Muji's even getting (a lot of) love from the New York Times.

Shanghai has a fully stocked Muji on Nanjing West Rd and its a definite regular stop for me, typically on my way to a late morning "brunch" of Lao Yang's Sheng jian bao and curry soup. Clothing prices are excellent, it seems to me even cheaper than their overseas stores and just a little more than H&M in most cases. Furniture and home accessories are a bit more pricey than IKEA (which is already considered sort of pricey in China), but not that bad. I'm a huge fan of Muji and love the simplicity (and quality) of the clothes, here's hoping Beijing (or Chicago) will get a branch soon.

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