Are You Serious, Clark?*

I was thinking about blogging the insanity of the Big Three CEOs taking separate private jets to DC when they went to Congress to beg for a bail out, but decided against it originally. Today, I saw this post on Ted Leonsis' blog (Ted's the big guy behind the NHL Capitals and AOL):
My family uses AIG as an insurance company on our homes and personal
We received in the mail today a huge Tiffany box with two champagne
glasses within as a thank you for our business and for good cheer this holiday
All I can say is, "are you serious, Clark?" Don't these companies have PR teams or do they just not care?

*If you don't know what movie this is from, go immediately and rent (do people still rent movies?) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and enjoy, a great way to get you into the holiday spirit...

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