More US Students to China, a Trend that Surprises Anybody?

The New York Times is reporting that while American college students are still heading to England, France, Italy, and Spain in large numbers, China is now number 5 on the list and the number of students traveling there is rising incredibly fast, 25% over the previous year.

While that shouldn't surprise anybody, especially regular readers of this blog, equally interesting is that the number of Chinese students at US universities has also risen by 20%, most likely due to visa policies allowing more students to easily obtain visas.

One of the purposes of this blog and our work in general is to help promote understanding between the two countries, with this ever growing trend, it will certainly make our job easier.

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Matthew said...

A more important statistic would be how many US students are studying abroad and if there has been any increase in that number.

I'm really not surprised that more are coming to China--the facilities at universities have improved, as have the connections with US universities.