How Ever Will CCTV Survive?!?

It seems the Chinese Ministry of Culture has basically condemned CCTV to hours upon hours of blank air and brought an end to the annual Spring Festival Gala show in one fell swoop. That's right, they have proposed a draft law that would ban lip synching at concerts and on tv and publicly name and shame repeat offenders (its a rare day that I get to link to Perez on a post about China). Cui Jian has long been on a quest against lip synching after turning down a request to appear on CCTV, but being told he would have to lip synch. If you've ever watched the mega concerts on CCTV, especially "Tong Yi Shou Ge", its pretty obvious that a large percentage of the acts are lip synching, so what's going to happen to them all now? Is this the first step to China developing real singing talent of its own? Is this the end of lip synching Taiwanese pop stars coming to the mainland? What the hell is CCTV going to do now that these "singers" actually have to sing without the help of studio editing? This year's Spring Festival show would certainly be worth watching (the first time in a long time, though more for the comedy than for the performances), if this rule was actually enforced.

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