Apology + Rant + the memorable words of NWA

Sorry to everyone (if there was anyone) who came here today looking for the latest installation of mp3s, that will be pushed back until tomorrow, though it will be well worth checking out. Today was a busy day of sitting in traffic, going to a bar, sitting in traffic, going to a bar, and then going home...Was in Wrigleyville for a meeting with good friends to watch some Champions League soccer and then traveled back to the 'burbs to again meet with friends and watch sports, though this time it was the Blackhawks. All I can say is when are they going to get rid of Aucoin? His late mistake is bound to be on blooper reels and was truly embarassing. Their season is over and the playoffs are no longer a possibility, I wish I could just stop watching them at this point, its torture!

The writers of this blog have the utmost respect for the police and the battles those who serve and protect fight for the rest of us on a daily basis. That said, those we have little (if any) respect for suburban cops who are almost always hacks who are too stupid or too scared to cut it in the "modern urban crime environment." They don't have any crime to deal with and are instead obsessed with harassing young minorities, those driving cars that stand out, and those coming from the "bar" street. If you are all 3, what is there to be said but, fuggadabout it, you are bound to get a ticket even if you are driving the speed limit and have never had a drink in your life. Most of all, if it wasn't already obvious enough, whether true or not, when you are being stopped and harassed for 25 minutes, never let it drop that you are (or were) employed in the Attorney General's office. The cop in question is more than likely NOT going to see that as a threat, but is going to consider it an invitation to harass and punish you even more. This incident make us really miss being in China where dropping a few names (and a few bills) can get us out of almost any problem...Anyways, in the classic (and very pertinent) words of NWA and Ice Cube, Fuck tha police!

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