Oscars and Humor for a Monday

Reading the Asian American blogsphere this morning, there's a lot of complaints about the Oscars and how Asians really aren't represented, this is summed up best by Angry Asian Man. I didn't watch the Oscars and could honestly care less about who won what as I barely saw any of the movies. I saw "The Departed" only because I bought the DVD in China (take that as my protest against the movie), I'm surprised the Peking Duck (who also blogged on this) whose main writer is also in China doesn't take advantage and buy more of the DVDs (perhaps those at Modern Lei Feng will be nice enough to take him to our haunts at Xinjiekou). I liked The Departed, it was an excellent movie, but I couldn't help the feeling of deja vu throughout the whole thing. As David Spade would say, I liked it the first time when it was Infernal Affair. I blogged on the remake when I first heard about it and I hate the idea. Hollywood is severely lacking in the creativity category lately, just look at all the remakes and sequels. Yet its one thing to remake a movie from the 1960s, or even the 70s, but its a different story when you just remake something from a few years ago. Why don't you just encourage people to watch the original, you could always rerelease it more widely. The lack of credit given to Infernal Affairs last night was just horrible and calling it a Japanese movie, how long will it take before Chinese start protesting in the streets?

Alright, some fun on a Monday morning afternoon.

I love Li Tie, but the sad thing about this is that its a highlight video where I think he only scores 1 goal...oh well, it received Tie Zi's seal of approval:

This via off wing opinion, I love it, maybe more Hawks fans would come out if Tommy did things like this:

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haha. i love this last video... funny!