Obama '08

Doors opened at 3:30 pm, but Barack didn't go on until around 5:45 pm. The "opening acts" were Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Luis Guitteriez, State Senator Emil Jones and a female UIC student. There were many others in the crowd, if you notice to the right of where Schakowsky is standing on the stage, in the sport coat and blue sweater, is Sen. Durbin. Schakowsky was introducing many of those in the audience and when she came to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, the boos were almost deafening. Most definitely the loudest moment of the night.

Obama was up there for awhile, though he was interrupted at one point when he mentioned Iraq by a group of people chanting something like "Cut the funds, bring our soldiers home" and at another point "no justice, no peace", they caused enough of a ruccus that they were ultimately lead out by Chicago's finest. A packed and energetic house today, Obama's the man, let's see what comes from this.

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