China vs. United States (On the Soccer Pitch)

It was announced yesterday that China will play the United States in an international soccer friendly on June 2 in San Jose (more information and stats found here). The match will serve as a warmup for the US team as they head into the Gold Cup and, more importantly, the Copa America. For China, it will serve as a good test as they get ready for the Asian Cup, which will begin on July 7 (China's first match is July 10 in Malaysia).

As a soccer fan, I'm really looking forward to this match and if I'm in the US this summer, I'll be making an appearance in San Jose (along with the 东北人都是活雷锋 - 哈尔滨真心球迷 banner already signed by a few Chinese women's team players). Both teams should put out their top sides or something close to it and the players should be going extra hard in order to win (or keep secure) their position on their respective teams. The US side is a bit better and will have home field advantage, though with the size of the Bay Area Chinese community, it may turn out to be a pro-China crowd. This is the perfect test for China, I'm sick of their friendlies against either crap sides or top European competition, this will be a team that is better than them, but still close skillwise to China. I can't wait for this match!

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