Happy Chinese New Year!

With the coming of Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year), not only does the world's largest movement of people take place as Chinese from all over the country take planes, trains, and automobiles to get home to their families. I can't speak for my fellow writer of this blog, but having been away from China during the Spring Festival period for so long, there is a certain longing that I feel at this time every year. Despite the cold of a northeast winter there was always a feeling of warmth as the family would gather round, make dumplings, and watch the CCTV Spring Festival program.

More recently, there are the memories of cold winters in a midwestern "small town" where, again, it was about gathering with friends and making dumplings, sharing in our happiness to be together, but sadness for the many relatives who were so far away. There would be a party put on by the Chinese student's association which was always a great event, a chance to see "friends" in different departments that you'd only see a few times each year, but kind smiles and friendly greetings would always be exchanged at the party. Then, someone would somehow have a copy of the CCTV Spring Fest program and it would make its rounds throughout the community.

Nowadays, with the internet and bittorrent, its a lot easier to see the program, but many don't bother because they'd argue the quality of the show has gone down over the past few years.

So however you intend on enjoying this Spring Festival, we just want to wish everyone out there a very happy new year!

I'll leave you with this from youtube, Zhao Wei from a Spring Fest show a few years back:

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