Blogspot Now Blocked?

In "researching" some upcoming blog posts, I checked out Chinalyst this morning only to see posts from some of the prominent China blogs, namely Peking Duck and Danwei, saying that Blogspot is now blocked in China. Great, why couldn't they decide to start this last week when I failed to write anything of substance? Instead, they decide to do this now, when I'm chock full of new content. It appears that only those who are overseas will be stuck with the boredom of my blog posts on sports.

This does bring up a good point, though. With my "potential impending move" to Shenzhen looking more and more likely by the day, is it time to bite the proverbial bullet and pay up for typepad? What, if any, blog hosting service has not been blocked yet (or gets blocked the least) in China?


Anonymous said...

This is sooooooo frustrating. I just got a lot of readers and now they cannot access my blog. 70% of my readers are in Shanghai, China.

My target reader group is people living in shanghai.

What should I do???
hope they unblock it soon

b. cheng said...

Thanks for stopping by, I feel your pain having just started this blog not too long ago myself. Hopefully, blogspot will be available again soon and if I find a good alternative, I'll be sure to let you know.

I've seen your blog before find it pretty interesting (hehe, except for your admiration of Zhang Ziyi!).